Your Questions About Animal Halloween Costumes For Animals

Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas For Kids
December 26, 2011
Your Questions About Group Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids
December 27, 2011
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Your Questions About Animal Halloween Costumes For Animals

Donna asks…

Animal Halloween costume ideas?

My mom is making my halloween costume this year (wich is why im planning so early) because she can sew. But i want to have those fuzzy boot cover things too so i was thinking about being an animal because animals are fuzzy. I thought maybe i could be
1. Polar bear
2. Fox
3….. i dunno.
ALSO where could i find somewhere that sells ears and a tail for my costume? etsy?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be a raccoon but add the classic prison uniform (black and white stripes). Two costumes in one. You know, ’cause raccoons look like they’re wearing a mask already…like a bandit.

For the ears, your mom could make a pair being as she sews. Simply make a triangle out of wire that can be bent. Cover the wire with fabric of the appropriate color to match your costume. Attach these triangles to a regular headband. The wires inside will allow you to pose the ears in the position you want. A Tail is easy too. Basically a sleeve of material sewed to the back of the costume. You can insert a wire into the tail as well for posing.

Robert asks…

Halloween costume ideas? [animals]?

Any idea for animal halloween costumes?
My friends and i decided to be animals for halloween.
I want a unique animal, [and i can actually buy the costume.]
Any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

You can go as a Giraffe. They actually have those costumes available.

Or maybe an anteater? Not sure if they have those available.

Jenny asks…

Where Can I Buy a 2-man Animal Halloween Costume for cheap?

Looking for either a horse, donkey, cow, camel, or anything else that could fit for a 2-man costume.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go to this site: 100+ costumes + coupon code

Mandy asks…

i need an animal halloween costume that is unique and possible to make.?

I want an idea for animals that are unique and fun, no “cat” or even “giraffe” for instance, last year i was an octopus and the year before i was a humpback angler fish, but i cant do those again….any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

How about a starfish — or a seahorse?

Starfish should be easy to make too. If you want to be really unique with a starfish, make its mouth (in the center) and when you’re trick-or-treating, have people drop the candy into the mouth (put a bag behind it inside, to catch all the candy).

Seahorse just needs the curved “S” shape, with some fins along the back.

Though I myself would stay away from the spongebob theme.

Have fun!!

Paul asks…

How do you get a Halloween costume on animal crossing?

I was playing and people asked me for candy and said they’d give me some but I didn’t have a costume! so how do I get 1?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Your very odd.

Chris asks…

Does anyone know where I can get a sloth animal mask/costume for Halloween?

I have looked all over the web, searched “sloth”, “sloth mask”, “sloth animal costume to no avail. Can anyone help me out?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Look around at local costume shops.

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