Your Questions About Animal Costume Patterns

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April 11, 2012
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April 13, 2012
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Your Questions About Animal Costume Patterns

Mark asks…

dressing liek Tarzan?

oK, SO my friend is having a party on a yact (never been on one!) but her theme for the party is a jungle theme (not really a costume thing, just more like clothes that have animal patterns on them). For girls its sorta easy to find dresses with desgins on them but what about guys? How can I dress like im in the jungle?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Wear a swimming trunk with leaves wrapped around it, it would give a jungle look.

Lizzie asks…

Halloween dance costume ideas?

My school is having a halloween dance, and I need ideas for what to wear. It’s not like full out costumes, most people throw on animal print spandex, a crop top and a patterned bra and call it a day. I’d like to do something slightly more original, I’d rather not do something overdone (like an animal or a playboy bunny) or weird (like the sexy schoolgirl or cop or whatever) and nothing creepy (like something dead). Kind of vague I know but if anyone had any ideas that would be great! Thanks!
Oh and I’m in high school

Halloween costume lion answers:

A hipster sounds like a cool idea.
Or a basic hippie, haha.

William asks…

have you seen a werewolf or mutant animal in the midwest?

I had herd of the beast of bray road and I heard of the 2006 sightings, but other sightings had been made in michigan of a werewolf, and I have listed sightings of a werewolf in the following locations

Forest Preserve Naperville/Bolingbrook Illinois september 26 2006

b88 postid this originaly and this was just the time of the post, I’m hoping for the actual time of the sighting if any-one has talked to him via the unsolved mysteries disscusion forum

effingham “ramsey cemetery” illinois

gable road produced a film of a supposed werewolf that has’nt been debunked

I’m not saying it might not be a marry prankster, or some double jointed yenalgloosh (I hope I spelled that right) in an intricate wolf costume trying to mimic some mutant wolf, but I’m looking for the truth, would you be kind enough to list any sightings in the midwest, or surrounding areas, allong with the most accurate location and time as you can manage, so I can establish a time line and movement pattern
2 days ago – 2 days left to answer.
Additional Details
My email isnt working, and I dont think these websites are emailing responses like they say they are I dont have an explanation for it please site your references
1 day ago

I hate to repost, but the fisrt time all I got was a troll and a link I couldnt use
ann o, this is what I mean by a troll

Halloween costume lion answers:

Yes. It looked kind of like a half werewolf – bigfoot. It trampled along my camp trails, causing me to drop all my supplies and run into my van. The next day, I couldn’t find my supplies. Then I came across a campfire, with the same very hairy man with a few others who looked like him. They were burning my supplies and dancing around the fire in ancient Indian masks and had relics surrounding them.
Then I realized it was my little brother and his ugly, mutant friends.

The end :D

My real story? Get a load of this:

No mythical creatures, but a friend shot a deer one hunting season that had only 1 antler in the middle of its forehead. Then he shot another that had 2 sets of antlers and an extra tail. He had both heads mounted.
He lives in Missouri.
First had people coming to see the “unicorn” but it was just a deer with a deformity. Since both were in close proximity, I wondered about environmental issues like pollution causing deformities

Paul asks…

squid themed christmas presents?

okay, this is what’s up: my best friend loves squids. so i’m doing a squid themed christmas pack for her. i’m thinking of filling up a big tin can of squid things :)

i need your help, what can i do that’s squid themed? so far all i’ve got down are:

-Stuffed Animal (a very BIG one and a small one)
-Dangly Chimes

if you have any ideas, links, and patterns, please let me know.
best idea gets 10 points :D

Halloween costume lion answers:

Earrings, you can probably find a small squid trinket and attach to an earring to make a squid dangle earring or something like that

hair accessories like a clip with a squi, a bow with a squid in the middle, hair tie etc.

Book mark with a squid

book cover with a squid pattern (like a line of squid and then a line of waves to represent water)

Good luck and I hope your friend will love what you give him or her

Chris asks…

How to make a mascot/puppet head…?

I am trying to assemble my Halloween costume, and I have decided I want to be Animal from the Muppets. I’ve found photos of previous costumes people have made for this, and I am just not sure how to assemble the head. I’ve searched, and I just need some new ideas.
From what I’ve found, most people have just used a puppet head pattern and blown it up to a larger scale and used upholstery foam. I can’t find a puppet head pattern, nor do I quite understand how I would assemble that. I need some new ideas. I will have to wear this all night, out to the bars and what not, so I would prefer a foam head.
Help is greatly appreciated!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Try doing a search for ‘fursuit’ sites. For instance:

Puppet patterns aren’t designed to be used for halloween costumes, so any instructions and patterns won’t really work at the size you need. Besides, puppets are also not designed for breathability, which means you could suffocate really easily. On the other hand, people who make fursuits generally offer good advice and some free design instructions, which would suit a large costume.

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