Your Questions About Adult Halloween Crafts

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October 24, 2011
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October 27, 2011
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Your Questions About Adult Halloween Crafts

Sandra asks…

Looking for a site for Halloween Crafts?

looking for a good site for making halloween crafts for teens or even adults. Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Google up Party City

Theyll have lots of stuff for you

Sharon asks…

Does any one have any Halloween ideas for adult games & decoration?

I’m having a party at the end of October. I’m having both children and adults. Any ideas for decorations, games and crafts?

Halloween costume lion answers:

The traditional halloween games are still good, even for grown ups. Pumpkin carving contests are great. For some dfferent ideas you can go to There are elaborate designs as well as simple ones for the kids. Kids as young as two can also paint pumpkins instead of carving them. Bobbing for apples is another game that is great for adults, too.

As far as decorations, you can get hay bales from most nursery stores very cheaply. They make great decorations and seats around a backyard patio. Pumpkins and squash can be made into outdoor lanterns. You can also make a scarecor stuffing a shirt and pants with newspaper and running a broom through the back of the clothes.

Hope thi helps

Richard asks…

Halloween craft ideas for adults?

I’m from Australia never done the halloween thing before I work in a nursing home was just told today that they want do do something for halloween was thinking about having a little afternoon tea(what do i serve that does not take time) for them lots of candy maybe a game or 2 (if i can think of some)
I have no idea of what to make to decorate the home in i need quick simple ideas that are cheap to make but look good and do not take too much time to make!

Thanks in advance

(sorry forgot to add) That they could help me make
Aussie bakeries wont have much in the way of ready to go goods as i said halloween is not very big here!
My sister likes to bake so i’ve roped her in to make me a cake (or 2)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hello Sazzy
I signed up five minutes ago and saw your question. Here are some ideas I thought of:
1) You could gather a few little pumpkins as centre pieces (they can always be used for food again). You can attach colourful paper leaves and/or cutout images of Halloween items like bats, stars, witch’s hats etc.on solid coloured paper
2) Pumpkin muffins are delicious – just add canned pumpkin to the recipe. They are just like carrot muffins. You probably need a large quantity recipe? Then you could decorate each muffin with a Halloween clip art pic on a tooth pic or cut shapes like a bat, crow, witch’s hat, spider etc from black paper. Or again cut colourful pumkin leaves in autumn colours to decorate the muffins/ pumpkin cake/ pumpkin tart
3) Tissue gift wrap is cheap and cheerful. Wrap choc bars
in orange, black and yellow tissue paper and decorate with clip art, halloween cutout shapes or leaves as nice favors.
4) Cut triangular bunting/ flags/ pennants alternating those three colours.You could also decorate these with Halloween images or cut out leaf shapes from orange, yellow and black paper. If the flag is orange, you paste yellow and black leaves on it etc. Use real leaves as easy templates to trace and cut. Attach flags to string and string accross the room.
5) Balloons in those colors turn into pumpkins if you attach leaves.
6) Coordinate with colourful paper serviettes in your theme colours and use those halloween pics as serviette rings – attach to ribbon. (You could also add purple to your colours)
7) What about the reading aloud of spooky short stories or ghost stories for entertainment? Maybe you have a story teller circle in your town.
Keep the colour scheme tight accross all items for a pulled together look.

(I think my products could also help you – even the items that are available for free could be of real help to you, so this is not a sales pitch.) I am a professional designer and illustrator creating downloadable printable crafts for all occasions. This includes cards, favors, labels, chocwrappers, teabags etc.

There are two free halloween items you could put to great use. You do have to sign up to my newsletter but you can unsubscribe again.
Hope those ideas helped and use my freebies if it will help you.
Anni L.

Mary asks…

What could arts and crafts activities could i do with adults with a learning disability?

I’m doing some work with young adults with learning disability; I want to come up with some arts and crafts activities.
I have already come up with:
-Making jewelry/bracelets
-Biscuit decoration
-Fashion shows (making clothes etc)
-Christmas themes (card making etc)
Halloween theme

Anything else?


Halloween costume lion answers:

LD adults can do most of the same things that non-LD adults can do. Generally, you just need to fine-tune the directions or adapt the nature of the project.

Steven asks…

MMPR White Tiger Ranger Costume (Adult)?

I’m 15 and I have a love for the Mighty Morhpin’ Power Rangers. I want to dress up as the White Ranger for Halloween. I’m terrible with crafts, and I was wondering where I could find an adult sized Costume online, or if there is a store I could visit. My priority is really just a helmet and shoulder pads but if there are full body costumes that would be affordable then that would be well appreciated. I’m 6’2 and weigh 165 lbs, if that information needed anyway.
Also, if a full body costume cannot be found, or isn’t within my budget, are there replacements I can use? ( Gloves, Shoes, Spandex etc)
Please and thank you! :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

All I could find was here.

I’m sorry there wasn’t a white power ranger costume thought :/
Try a diff color maybe?
If not, don’t settle for less, make one yourself!
Have fun!

Daniel asks…

First birthday party halloween style…Idea’s???

Age range 1 – 12yrs. Party is on November 1st at 11am. We are having pizza and cake. Any food idea’s or recipes for appitizers for adults??? Also craft idea’s??? This my babies 1st birthday and he is my first child so I am very new at this. Thanks!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

There are various cakes you could make…like a graveyard cake, and you could make dirt cups with pudding, gummy worms, and crushed oreos in see-through plastic cups.

You could make pigs in a blanket to look like mummies, make meatballs and mini hotdogs in BBQ. Ice cream choices could be orange sherbet and chocolate.

Craft ideas: make scary Halloween masks, or decorate headbands to look like devil horns or princesses or angels…

Good luck

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