What Cat Clothes to Wear and Safe Pet Halloween Costumes

What Cat Clothes to Wear & Halloween costumes

It’s a fad that’s being going around for quite a while now, and its one that’s definitely going to be around from here on in, and that’s the habit of putting cats into clothes. It’s not a new thing for sure, but it is one that’s been growing and growing over time, and that makes those sweet creatures always look grumpy. So why do people make cat clothes?

Like with dogs, it seems to be a reflection of the owner themselves that forces them into habitually putting their feline friends into cat clothes. These can take the shape of something as simple as a head band or a hat, to the other extreme of full body costumes that imply that the wear (the cat) wants to look in some way shape or form like the person their owners’ want them to look like. Its most definitely true that, judging by the picture of every cat every seen wearing clothes, they have absolutely no interest themselves in looking like an angel, or a devil or whatever, so it’s a wonder that anyone goes to the bother of doing this – but nowadays it’s a business worth millions of dollars a year.

It may be said that some people do this out of a sense of loneliness, but it may be slightly back-asswards as there’s no doubt that a disgruntled and annoyed furry feline in cat clothes right now, is going to stay that way for some time after the removal of the offending costume – and something that can shred animal matter using 5 points of its body is not the type of animal that you want annoyed with you, when you’re trying to remove a jersey from it, or un-velcro a jacket that necessitates your coming in contact with said shredding instruments.

Like most weirdness around these days, the idea that it’s “cute” and “looks lovely” is definitely promoted by the business entities that profit from it, but that in itself doesn’t mean that we should all run out and buy the new Joan Rivers cat clothes that just came on sale. So some people do it because they miss their own human kids, some because they never had kids and would have liked to, and some do because they’re, well, crazy. But there’s probably never been a case where the owner bought the cat costume because the cat wanted it – be sure of it!

Safe Pet Halloween Costumes

Though there are some pet owners that go with very serious and very generic pet Halloween costumes for their pets, most of the ones that owners choose are funny. Normally, I would never dress my cats up for Halloween, as they would probably freak out and rip the costume to shreds. If I had a smallish dog, however, and a very funny idea, it might just be something that I would do on this holiday. You can do what you want, but remember to keep your pet in mind. If they may go nuts, you may want to skip it. You also don’t want to do anything that may harm them in any way.

California Costumes Peacock Pet Halloween Costume

Pets are great fun most of the year, and they can supply you with endless giggles if you get them into the right pet Halloween costumes. Though you may think that you have seen them all, chances are good that you have not. In fact, if you look around online, you are going to see some very creative ideas. You can take these and do them on your own, or you can buy them whole. If you have more than one pet, you may even find matching sets of pet Halloween costumes that you can get for them to wear together. They won’t know the difference, or even what is going on, but you are going to love it.

Remember to keep safety in mind when you are picking out or making your own pet Halloween costumes. You want to be sure that they can walk easily without any type of hindrance to any of their legs, or they may just freak out on you. They could also very easily get hurt. You don’t want something that is going to go over their eyes, for the most part, unless you have a very understanding and very easy going pet. Most will not like this, and it will mean they get spooked very easily. Pet Halloween costumes can be great with those things in mind.

Also remember that even though you think a leash would not go with your pet Halloween costumes ideas, you should have one anyway. You should always put the safety of your pet first, though you probably already know that. You should even use one with the calmest of pets that may only be sitting on your porch with you to greet trick-or-treaters. They may normally be calm, but if many children are coming up and down from your porch, they could get spooked when they would not any other time.