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April 20, 2012
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April 20, 2012
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Lion Costume For Kids All kids should now be thinking “Halloween here I come”. And with this “here I come” they will be thinking of their costume for this year. As we all know and (hopefully) can remember, that dressing up and disguising ourselves is, together with the trick or treating, the most important part of Halloween. The perfect excuse to become somebody else is something every child should experience. This goes from the toddler, who perhaps wont understand too much of what is going on (but will know that something that is fun is happening), to small children and onwards – even beyond the adult stage. For this one day, happiness is never having to say your sorry – oops, wrong film. Happiness is being somebody else; it is being Batman or Mario or Wolverine or Bumblebee. Happiness is not being able to say “Thank you Mummy” because you are all choked up with the excitement your costume represents. It is being so impatient that you can’t stand still; so full of beans and energy that those around you are actually remembering what it was like to be so happy. It is being so excited that you nearly tear your costume, or put it on before it is unpacked. (This sounds impossible, but it isn’t to a little boy). And from the point of view of “mummy” the question is which costume should you buy for your child – boy or girl. What are the popular costumes? Which are the movies they enjoyed this year? What toys? What stories? Who is that character that the child has been talking about