Halloween lion costume for kids, infant and adult.

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April 23, 2013
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April 28, 2013
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Halloween lion costume for kids, infant and adult.

Animal Costumes: Halloween lion costume

There are several different approaches to animal costumes. One of them is the professional mascot approach. In this approach, your animal costume should look as cartoony as possible. Professional mascots all have a particular look that owes a lot to Disney animation. Many of the costumes are actually made by the same companies, and they all have a very slick appearance that focuses on anthropomorphic design.

Then again, it all depends on what you are wearing an animal costume for. Sometimes, animal ear costumes are the best. A lot of people like to dress up as cats, wolves, lion, or other creatures with pointy ears because it looks attractive. With a little bit of face paint and some pointy ears, you can come up with a cheap animal costume like costume lion. This is a great approach for Halloween parties – particularly ones held in college. It will give people the message that you are fun and flirty and open to talk to strangers. More importantly for many, it is less expensive than an animal mascot costume.

There is also the approach favored by kid’s animal costumes and lion costume. In these, cuteness comes above all else. They also are cartoony like animal mascot costumes, but with an important difference. The emphasis is on the eyes and adorable expressions. They can be soulful, pouty, sunshiny – any basic emotion. Although these costumes used to be used exclusively by children, nowadays they’re more popular with adults than ever. As a matter of fact, at the Halloween party I went to last year, this was the most popular animal costume design.

Finally, there are the animal costumes that strive for realism. Anyone can be a cute cartoony animal, but if you can come up with a realistic animal costume design, people will be really impressed with your look. It is an especially good effect if you’re trying to be scary. Dressing up as a wolf, mountain cat, lion or some other dangerous and vicious animal makes a big impression in Halloween parties.

Then again, you can always feel free to combine the different kinds of animal costumes until you find the right balance for yourself. The important thing is to create a fun costume design that you enjoy wearing and that looks good on you. Uniqueness counts a lot, so sometimes you can score more points by coming up with something totally original than with coming up with something that is traditionally “good.” Feel free to experiment!

Halloween is around the corner and new parents are looking for costumes for babies. Costumes have come quite a long way since we were kids, and we are far from the homemade pumpkin costumes for babies that we all have pictures of that fill our baby books. Now you can find very ornate costumes from fairies to peacocks, and generally in all price ranges, all the way up to seventy dollars and above.

Most major stores now carry costumes for babies because they have become quite popular over the years. Everyone now wants their baby to be the cutest on the block, and costumes for babies certainly do the trick! This years crop of costumes for babies include butterflies, bees, lion, peacocks, fish, chili peppers, peas and your standard pumpkin. The baby clothing stores are carrying ornate costumes for ladybugs, chickens, cowboys and cowgirls, monkeys, witches and fairies. One can even find odd costumes, such as Yoda and bananas – it just takes some searching.

If you are really Lion Adult Costume - Halloween Costumesambitious and creative, you can make costumes for babies. Sewing patterns are available for a variety of costumes in sizes that will fit newborns through toddler sizes. Most of the time it is less expensive to make your own costume, but the time and effort may not be worth it if you are a novice sewer. Some patterns are pretty easy to follow and do not take much time to produce, but there certainly are some that will take quite a bit of time and experience as well as including some expensive detailing.

Girls Cuddly Lion Costume - Halloween CostumesMany costumes for babies are actually bunting, which means that it is basically a sac that the baby fits into rather than having legs. This is especially useful for newborns through babies about six months old because actual sizing can vary so much in clothing, so this is a nice alternative. Also, it will keep their bodies more warm if they actually accompany older siblings while trick or treating. There are costumes available that are not bunting style, especially for those babies that are larger and fit into older sizing.

There are many options in costumes for babies available. If you have something particular in mind, you just need to do some searching and it probably exists. You are also in luck if you are just browsing for ideas because there are many options that you are sure to find something that fits your needs.

Lil' Lion Toddler CostumeWell folks, another happy Halloween is here and you’d better have that costume ready. I am going as a parent this year, which requires no costume at all. My wife is doing the same. This is one of the least expensive costumes that I know of. That must be why I see so many of them every Halloween night. Now, if you are out there searching for that get-up at the very last minute, shame on you. What were you thinking waiting so late? That werewolf, zombie or Hollywood costume won’t be so easy to find now. Speaking of movie costumes, I see quite a bit of these lately. I mean over the past few years. I have to say that The Crow and The Matrix take the cake. And I don’t mean they’re the best ones; I mean they’re the most plentiful. Apparently everyone wants to be Eric Draven or Neo.

We love the movies, don’t we? I’m not going to lie; I would try a Hollywood costume one Halloween. I’m not sure which one I would choose, but the concept does sound fun. Maybe I would make a good Leather Face. Or maybe I should dress up like Tome Cruise and head on over to Tinsel Town to hit up the coolest Halloween parties. I hear that supermodel, Heidi Klum has an amazing one every Halloween. Hey, if they let Ice Tea in, they have to let me in. Ah, who am I kidding? I’m way too tall to dress up like Tome cruise. I’d better go with a Superman Hollywood costume instead. Yeah, now we’re talking. Dressing up like the man of steel is the ideal way to go. Now if I can just get my wife to dress up like Lois.

It’s almost time to put those costumes on. Heck, you can actually put them on now. After all, it is Halloween! Daylight doesn’t matter. It’s good to be well prepared for later. You can bet on seeing any number of goblins, super stars, athletes, monsters, lion and more at your front door soon. Be certain you have plenty of goodies to offer them. Oh and if you spot another kid with a Crow or Matrix Hollywood costume, let him know that the phase is done. This is out. Now it’s time for Nacho Libre and Superman. With these two you can’t go wrong.

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