Halloween costumes is not only for kids Adult love Halloween too.

Adult Costumes

Halloween is a holiday for kids of all ages. Most people don’t celebrate the dark meaning of the holiday, they simply enjoy dressing up and hanging out with friends. Halloween has always been something that has been enjoyed in my family, if for nothing more than an excuse to try to scare each other. It’s almost become a tradition to see who can scare whom more. My brother once dressed up as Mike Meyers from the Halloween movies and hid in the bushes, scaring the wits out of each person who was unlucky enough to walk by.

When it comes to adult costumes for Halloween you have two options. You can buy something, or you can make something. I don’t believe I have ever bought adult costumes, as I find it much more fun to make something. When you make adult costumes on your own, you can make anything you heart desires, and you can be sure no one else will be wearing the exact same thing. No matter how crafty you are, or if you feel you are all thumbs, you can find ideas for adult costumes that you can make at home.

Many adult costumes you find in stores are older versions of what the children are wearing, with a few exceptions. There are some costumes that are decidedly adult only, and those are usually for women. If you want something unique, don’t go to the store and buy one. Although, if you look online for adult costumes, you may find something that no one else in your area has, and you may be OK. If anything, you can find an outrageous wig or a wild prop to make your costume unique.

For the truly memorable adult costumes, you must make one yourself. If you have something in mind, you can search through thrift stores to find the pieces you need, and go to craft stores for most of the special effects you may be looking for. If you don’t like to sew and glue, go to a store that carries nothing but adult costumes, and mix and match a few different items. If you are fresh out of ideas, look online for something you love, and give it a personal twist. You can also look through your closet for a lost piece of clothing you no longer wear, and think of many different adult costumes you could construct from it. This may be the best way to come up with a unique costume when you’ve run out of ideas.


We all like to disappear behind a guise once in a while. Maybe slap on a unique costume and fade into the crowd. Unfortunately this is not a reasonable plan at all times of the year. People would glare at you like you were some sort of freak or mental patient if you traipsed around in a vampire get-up in the middle of March. Nope; there is truly only one day of the year that this exciting ritual is aloud. And that is none other than Halloween. Okay, minus any random costume parties you may encounter throughout the year. Needless to say, this fantastic tradition doesn’t have to cease once you hit adulthood. Any living being can have a blast wearing the costume they please on Halloween. This is after all why the adult costume was invented as well. Having fun is not just for the juveniles.

I’ve always wanted to just show up at one of those celebrities Halloween bashes. They always talk about the ones in Hollywood. I hear Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum throws an awesome Halloween bash every year. This is where you’re sure to encounter the coolest adult costume you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Think Victoria’s Secret Halloween style. But anyway, I wonder if I could sneak into a bash like this. I mean, are they really checking names? Do I have to be on a list of some sort, or simply sport an outstanding adult costume? This is some serious food for thought, and I know that I’ve stirred the minds of many men out there this very moment. Hey, just tell your wives it’s all about seeing great costumes.

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So I was doing a little web surfing the other day and I came across this nifty store. Now, if you’re really interested in an adult costume for Halloween or the bedroom, there are plenty to choose from. In fact, there are several websites that offer sexy adult costumes for wives and girlfriends of all sorts. I must recommend these as Christmas or birthday gifts. Buy your lady that special Dorothy adult costume. Think about her for a change. It comes with a short skirt and thigh highs. Or if you’re more interested in Little Bo Peep, that’s an option as well. Choose from a large variety, and surprise that lady in your life.

Having twenty little six-year olds racing through my house was not exactly something that I’d wanted to do with my weekend. But, it was my daughter’s birthday and she’d wanted to have a princess party. I had not been able to say no. So, my sister-in-law and my husband and I decided to chaperone a princess costume party and try to keep the house from being destroyed. She’d send out invitations telling her little friends that it was her birthday and that she was having a princess costume party. All of the other girls seemed incredibly thrilled about it and I’m certain that their mothers were happy to have an evening to themselves.

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For my daughter, having a costume party was a dream come true. If she had it her way, she’d live in her dress-up clothes. I won’t allow her to wear them to school, but she puts them on once she gets home. She’s even worn them to the mall and restaurants before. I’m not about to complain – she looks adorable as a little princess and it makes her happy. I could tell from glancing at some of the other girls’ costumes, that their mothers had improvised princess costumes for them. They all looked absolutely adorable. It was her best birthday party ever, she had informed me afterwards.

Having a costume party isn’t just something that goes over as a huge hit for children. Adults sometimes love the opportunity to feel young and playful again, doing something that is out of the ordinary for them. Halloween is an excellent time to have a costume party, of course, but don’t limit yourself to just that holiday. It might be incredibly fun to get an invitation to a costume party at any time of the year. Your costume party could have a theme, encouraging everyone to dress from a certain time period or a particular character. Having a costume party doesn’t have to cost very much money or require much work to organize. You don’t even have to send invitations. Call your friends on the phone to invite them or send email invitations.

One of the most fun and eventful costume parties that I’d been to was actually a murder mystery. I received an invitation that assigned me a certain personality and character, and I had to dress for the part. The party ended up being so much fun. Everyone who attended absolutely loved doing something so out of the ordinary. Throw a costume party and see for yourself.