Three ways to have Fun, economic and safety for Halloween costumes.

The most important part Safety with Toddler Halloween Costumes

Though your toddler may not have any idea about what Halloween is and what they are supposed to do, many want to dress up just because they see their older brothers and sisters doing so, or they see other kids in the neighborhood. The problem with toddler Halloween costumes is that you have to think about safety as much as you have to think about style when you choose something for them to wear. Most of the time, it is best to go with the simple so you know they are not going to fall or even choke on something.

What is easy about safe toddler Halloween costumes is that most of them that you find in the store are going to be safe. However, that does not mean you should not check them out on your own. Though companies are more and more aware that toddler Halloween costumes, and anything else for infants and toddlers for that matter, are expected to be safe, mistakes happen. Most are safe, but there are always some recalls of items when something happens. Check on your own for tripping and choking hazards before you buy.

If you are going to be putting together your own toddler Halloween costumes, you can find some good ideas if you look online. You may even find parts that you can use to make what you want. When you do these on your own, you are going to be responsible to make sure they are going to be safe. If you think they are going to be in a stroller while wearing the costume, you may not worry too much about tripping. However, it can still be an issue. Make sure there are no small parts that you have added which could be removed by a surprisingly strong toddler that can then be put into the mouth.

Toddler Superman Halloween Costume

Another suggestion that goes along with the safety of toddler Halloween costumes would be that you should find away to make sure they are very visible if you are going out for trick or treat in the evening hours. There has to be some reflective safety tape or material on the costume so that they will be seen if they wander away. If you are using a stroller, put some on that as well. Drivers are always more careful on Halloween, but accidents can happen. Little ones are hard to see if they dart out into the street with or without toddler Halloween costumes.

Making children’s costumes: an economical way to stimulate imaginations and create fun for kids year.

Children have such vivid imaginations and oh, do they love using them! It’s important to nurture their creative side at an early age. Not only do you thus provide kids with a lot of fun play time, but creative activities that are not bound so much by rules, but instead dependent on individual ideas, helps kids to develop skills in ‘thinking outside the box’.

Play acting is one such activity that kids can play with a parent, another child or a group of kids. This kid’s activity is greatly enhanced with a collection of children’s costumes you and your children can make, at little cost and time.

Let’s take a look at just a few ideas for children’s costumes that provide hours of fun and developmental education. Both boys and girls get behind the costume games.

1. The fairy princess children’s costume is invariably a girl’s favorite. A couple of yards of netting can be gathered at the waistline with a basting stitch on the sewing machine and then fixed with elastic a few inches smaller than the child’s waist. A plain colored tee-shirt may be decorated with glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the front and back of the shirt, tiny rose appliqués or a length of frilly lace around the neckline. To complete this children’s costume, you can make a shiny wand of gold cardboard in the shape of a star, and purchase an inexpensive dime store tiara bedecked with rhinestones.

2. Robin Hood and Medieval knight’s costumes are among the top choices with boys. For Robin Hood, a square of green felt is easily stitched with just three pieces, two triangular pieces for the cap, with the third piece stitched around the cap for a brim. Add a feather, affixed with a glue gun. His tunic is simple, made of brown felt, in two pieces, with a V-shaped neckline in the front and large sleeves that are easy to pull over his head. (Felt is a good children’s costume material, as it requires no hemming.) Transform this tunic into a knight’s armor, using navy blue felt and a silver permanent marking pen to draw shiny links for a realistic look worthy of Prince Valiant. A piece of sturdy silver colored cardboard, with the hilt decorated with sparkling rhinestone jewels makes a handsome accessory indeed.

3. Cowboys, lion, cowgirls and Native American children’s costumes are more perennial kid’s favorites. All of these costumes work well in felt. Fringes attached to cowboy and girl vests and a simple skirt or pair of chaps, both fringed, is a hit. Adorn these costumes with dime store silver stars and, don’t forget the bandanna and hat! Beads on felt tunics and leggings make a handsome Native American costume, along with a long, black wig, which can flow loosely; kept in place with a beaded band you purchase, or make with that handy glue gun.

Boy's Jake Lonergan Costume

You can see how easy it is to create an entire wardrobe of kid’s costumes. Let the kids pick the costume of their choice. Pirates, lion, cartoon action characters and any of the Disney movie characters are ever popular. Accessories can be interchangeable with different costumes too. The Medieval knight’s sword can fill in for Jafar’s sword and the tiara or a Princess’ veil can serve in a number of roles. Who knows but that the kids may turn into budding actors, staging their own play with their easy and inexpensive children’s costumes? Invite all the parents to the performance.

It’s a dark and spooky night. All the houses in the neighborhood are glowing except for one. Do you approach it with caution, or do you simply pass it by? Be careful; you never know what may linger behind that door in the darkness. It may be something you’ve only seen in your worst nightmares. Then again, it could be an old lady who’s simply taking a nap. But that wouldn’t really be very scary. What’s the fun in that? I am setting the scene for Halloween here. Are you getting in the mood yet? Well, if you’re not, then you’d better get a move on it, because October is almost here. This means Halloween decorations galore. Oh, and don’t forget the costumes. There are even costumes infants can wear now days. So don’t leave your little one out on this extra special day. It won’t be back for another year.

Have you taken a gander at some of the more modern costumes infants can wear for All Hallows Eve? These things are too cool. I just love how they blend the spooky with the adorable. It’s a perfect combination. Here’s a tip for all you new parents out there. Check out all the contemporary costumes infants can wear on Halloween, and then choose the perfect one for your child. It’s a blast, and I’m sure you’ll love it. Once you pick out the perfect costume, then it’s time to go trick-or-treating. Yeah, that’s what I said. Go out and about just before the sun drops. Hit up all the houses in your neighborhood. You will end up with tones of candy. I am not lying. Folks love seeing an infant or toddler in their cute little Halloween costume. It drives them crazy. And this goes double for older folks. They will hit you with twice as much candy if you’re tiny and adorable. How awesome is this! Enjoy it while it lasts, because by next year your child will want to eat all the candy him/herself. Once those little teeth come in, the rules change.

You can find infinite costumes infants can wear on the World-Wide-Web. Check out some of the outstanding web stores available these days. There are just so many costumes to select from. Not to mention all the great prices on costumes infants can wear. Get that cute little Jack-O-Lantern outfit or ladybug costume at a great cost and have it shipped right to your door.