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September 21, 2013

A Lion Dance Costume Maker

The fourth episode of NHB’s “Heritage in Episodes: Season 2” features a maker of lion dance costumes who shares his interest in lion dance, the tools […]
September 11, 2013

San Bruno Lions Costume Parade 2013

Tunisian pirates attack and rob a cruise line ship. Lions Larry Verna, Rick Dimitroff and Alan Hafter (pirates) with Pat Phillips, Vicki Dimitroff and Lions … […]
September 11, 2013

iDrum in Canterbury Wearing Elephant and Lion Costumes 04.01.2013

iDrum Canterbury Kent UK on the 04/01/2013.  
September 11, 2013

Dog Mistaken for Lion Prompts 911 Calls

A coiffed pooch mistaken for a lion’s cub is causing quite an uproar in Virginia. Charles the dog was frolicking down the streets in Norfolk, minding […]