Costume ideas and Finding Discount for Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume ideas aren’t hard to come by if you’re willing to be a little bit creative. It’s understandable if you don’t want to go as one of the typical Halloween costumes of lore – whether it is the ghost or mummy, or witch or vampire, or even something more recent like “sexy nurse” or “fireman.” Those are all kind of played out, though it should be said that the classics never really go out of style permanently. A good ghost or ghoul will still win you plaudits if done correctly.

That said, it’s the outside-the-box Halloween costume ideas that usually win the most praise. Halloween these days is less about spooky stories and more about coming up with a costume that best expresses your individuality. For some that means a modern take on classic Halloween costume ideas, but for others that means going in a new direction entirely.

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As an example of what I mean by “new direction entirely,” consider that a few years ago I was at a Halloween party where one of the partygoers dressed up as “Postmodernism.” That’s not a person or a place, or something you can even have a mental image of. It’s an abstract intellectual theory that may or may not have any Bering on the proceedings you’ll indulge in that evening.

I was blown away at the creativity of the idea. This was someone who’d really taken the time and the effort to come up with Halloween costume ideas that were unique and wholly original. “Postmodernism” was something he could play around with, creating his own illusion of what the idea meant and therefore what his costume should be. It was a coup on his part to come up with “postmodernism” as his costume, since the postmodernist movement was designed to deconstruct and therefore undermine traditional thought and convention in the arts. Kind of made it a 100% cinch to be a great Halloween costume with the barest of effort once the first wall – the wall of creative thought and breaking through the barriers of convention – was knocked down.

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The inherent irony then is that he used postmodernist theory to create a corporeal (and therefore modern) “Postmodernism” Halloween costume. It worked on so many levels!

If that’s not your bag, you can still apply the same type of critical thinking to this year’s costume. Maybe rather than going as a critical movement you can go as an artistic movement – you are “pointillism,” or Picasso’s “Blue Period.” Or something else entirely – there’s a world of Halloween costume ideas out there for you to discover.

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I am ready for the spooks to come out and the spirits to walk the earth. Okay, how is that whole walking the earth thing even possible? Their entities, right? So why aren’t they floating? I am officially changing it to spirits floating the earth. Get the memo everyone. Anyway, that one creepy night of the year sure can be an absolute blast. What are you going to dress up as? Maybe a terrifying werewolf or a nice pale ghost. Oh wait; I’ve got it. You can go as Emily Rose when she’s all contorted like in that Exorcism movie. That was freaky! You would definitely scare a lot of children that way. Probably oodles of adults too. Yes indeed, there’s nothing as fun and exciting as great Halloween costumes. The key is getting yours before they’re all sold out.

I am constantly searching for great Halloween costumes. My seven year old daughter simply adores October 31st. She loves the idea of becoming someone else for the night. Last year she went as a witch. However, not just any witch, but a teeth chattering, horrifying witch with bloody fangs and sinister make-up. Yeah, she prefers to go all out with that stuff. Anyway, I searched through a number of great Halloween costumes before I finally found that one. This year is virtually the same deal. You know, I finally stopped bothering with the local Halloween superstores. You’ve surely seen them. They typically pop up in September. Not that they don’t carry a few great Halloween costumes, but they always sell everything out so fast. That’s a major bummer when you have something special in mind. Oh, and they tend to be over-priced. I rather prefer the World-Wide-Web of great Halloween costumes. Now, when I say great, I mean fantastic. Anything you can fathom regarding costumes, masks, make-up, and accessories can be found in cyberspace. Just get online and see exactly what I mean. Like I said before, it’s imperative to shop early on. Get that perfect bone-chilling costume before it disappears. Are you on the web yet?

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So, in short, take advantage of the vast selection of great Halloween costumes found in your very own home. Pop open that Mac or PC and get started today. Before you know it, October 31st will be here and the little trick-or-treaters will be wrapping at your door.

You can usually find some pretty cheap Halloween costumes on the shelves of your local stores each year, but most of the time, they are not very good. In fact, finding what you want at a good price in such a store can be hard. You can wait until a few days before Halloween, as many offer discounts at that time, but the chances of what you want still being there are going to be very small. Instead, what you want to do is to think and shop early, as much as a year early, to get the very best discount Halloween costumes that you can find.

One way to get discount Halloween costumes is to see what you can find to make them on your own. Some of the best and most interesting costumes are born this way. You can get the materials rather cheaply if you have a good plan, and then you can let your imagination do the rest. You can find some good ideas and materials if you go to your local craft store, or if you look for discount Halloween costumes and pieces on the Internet. Try online craft stores for really great deals.!

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One trick to getting discount Halloween costumes is to wait until after Halloween. Though that will not help you this year, it can give you the costume that you want for next year at a very good price. You can even find one that you can alter to fit your blooming idea. You can find amazing discounts right after the holiday because retailers want to get rid of what they did not sell, and they want to get rid of those things quickly. This holds true for both online and physical location stores, and you can also find Halloween items in craft stores.

You don’t have to buy a year early to get great discount Halloween costumes however. You just have to be a smart shopper. That means taking some time to think about the ideas that you think you would want to have, and then see what you can find. Take some time to see what you can find online, as that is probably one of the best places to get what you want. Some stores will even send the costume to the store for you, so that you just have to go pick it up. That means that you can save on shipping when you get discount Halloween costumes as well.