Best way to achieve a more feminine Scar costume?

what should i be for halloween?
February 7, 2011
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February 8, 2011
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Best way to achieve a more feminine Scar costume?

I never buy Halloween costumes. I always use my own clothes and get some cheap accessories and do some killer makeup.
Last year, I waited until the 30th to figure out a costume. I ended up being a really lame bumble bee (black skirt, yellow shirt, floral lace leggings, bumble bee kit for Claires, pig tails, yellow eyeshadow and black line. It was so stupid).

This year, I’m going to be Scar ( ). I don’t know what to do for clothing. I don’t want to wear a god awful fuzzy jumpsuit thing or manly shapeless clothes. Make up and hair are no problem. I’m just stuck on actual clothes.

And no, I won’t be wear ears or a tail.
sucklj08, it’s called teasing your hair into a mane and doing the correct makeup. They don’t even sell Scar colored ears or tails.

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